Princess Costumes

Princess Halloween Costumes

I have always had a fascination with princesses. I can’t help it. Even now as an adult, there’s a tiny part of me that still wishes I could be a princess. Well obviously that isn’t going to happen. But once a year at Halloween, I can still pretend I’m a strong, beautiful princess in a long flowing gown. It’s fun and something to look forward to each year.  I try to be a different princess every year and fortunately, there is such a variety of costumes available, I haven’t run out of princesses yet!

This site is dedicated to my love of princesses and to hopefully help you find the perfect princess costume for you or someone you love.

Princess Halloween costumes allow every girl, whether she is an infant or in her 90′s, to transform herself into the princess she has always dreamed of being.

Every little girl grows up reading stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. When we are little, we all dream of becoming the beautiful princesses we read about when we grow up.

Ruby and Gold Princess Child Costume - 12/14

Ruby and Gold Princess Child Costume – 12/14

Halloween is one time of year when we get to dress up and pretend to be our favorite princess.

Snowflake Princess Toddler/Child Costume - Toddler (2/4)

Snowflake Princess Toddler/Child Costume – Toddler (2/4)

Fortunately, in this age, there is a large assortment of princess costumes to choose from. You can go classic like the beautiful princess below:

Adult Halloween Costumes Cinderella Princess Costume

Adult Halloween Costumes Cinderella Princess Costume

This has to be my favorite princess costume!It’s every girl’s (or woman’s) fantasy come true! This beautiful ball gown comes with a hoop petticoat to give the gown it’s fullness, a jeweled choker, a sequined tiara and long white gloves. “Glass” slippers are not included but are available along with  a Prince Charming Costume.

Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia Costume
A great choice if you are a Sci-Fi fan and have always had a hankering to be rescued by Hans Solo ( I know I have!) This costume comes with the dress, the belt, the boot tops and the wig. Oh, by the way, you can have your guy dress in an Hans Solo Costume to complete the fantasy!

Warrior Princess Costume
Warrior Princess Costume
is a costume for the gal who wants something off the beaten path. It’s sexy and daring. This costume comes  with underwire, dress,  the arm pieces and cape. The cool sandals can be bought seperately.  There is also a handsome Spartan Warrior Costume for your man.

Arwen Lord of the Rings
Arwen Costume from The Lord of the Rings
This has to be one of the loveliest and most elegant princess costumes out there. It is made of velvet. You will definitely feel like a princess in this costume!

Of course little girls love to dress up like princesses too! Not just at Halloween, but at dress up play time, these costumes would give your children many hours of fun.

Girls Prestige Snow White Costume

Little girls have loved the Snow White story for hundreds of years. Now they can pretend to be Snow White in this beautiful costume! It comes with a red hair bow and a character cameo.

Deluxe Princess Baby Bunting Costume - Baby Halloween Costumes

Deluxe Princess Baby Bunting Costume – Baby Halloween Costumes

And let’s not forget our baby princesses out there!

Pumpkin Princess Infant Costume

Pumpkin Princess Infant Costume How adorable is this? What a little cutie your toddler will be in this frothy princess pumpkin costume. The sizes start at 12 months and go up to 4 years. It comes with the pretty matching headband too!

What is it about princesses that has fascinated us through out the centuries? Is it the romance? The power? The thought of our handsome prince rescuing us?  Or is that we are fed these stories so much as children, it becomes our idea of a perfect life and perfect womanhood? I’m not sure but I do know that no matter how old I get, I still secretly long to be a princess.

Obviously that will never happen but I can pretend on Halloween to be any princess I want to be with the help of a costume and makeup.

Viking Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume - Large

Viking Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume – Large

Take the opportunity! With Halloween coming up, it can be a great reason to indulge in your fantasies and become the princess you always knew you could be.

And for those who have little girls in their lives who love princesses, why not plan a princess party for them and then let them pick out a princess costume?

Below is a great way to plan a princess party for your own little princess.

Do It Yourself Princess Party Decorations

In order to create the perfect princess party environment, you have to have the perfect princess party decorations. With just a few special finishing touches, without the major expense of a princess party, you can create the ideal atmosphere for your little princess.

Here are some of the items you will need:

-    Sparkly gold princess shoes
-    Princess piñata
-    Christmas lights (white)
-    Pink and white tulle
-    Hot glue gun
-    Golden plasticware and matching napkins and plates
-    Construction paper and poster board
-    Sparkly or golden head band
-    Silky pillowcase (2)
-    Princess cake (castle, favorite princess, etc)
-    Rose and vase
-    Princess hats
-    Silk ribbons and flowers

Create a banner to place at the front door for your guests. You can create this from your silky pillowcases in the colors of your choice. Sew each pillowcase together making four rectangles (use front and back of pillowcases). This will be your very own royal banner that you can hang out on the door.

You can make a sign to hang in the inside of the house with the name of your little princess. Use silk flowers and a hot glue gun for this.

Use Christmas lights with the pink or white tulle. Hang this off of the banisters, windows and around any doorway to create an ambience of wonderland amazement. Use your raffia and use it to tie bows; silk flowers can be stuffed in each bow if you like. Take the tulle without the lighting and hang it around lights and chandeliers.

Princess party decorations would not be complete without the table showpiece. This is where you can set out your silver or golden colored napkins, plates and plasticware. Fold each napkin and place on top of a plate. Tie all the plasticware with golden or silver ribbons.

Create place mats for your table by taking large construction paper and punch out holes on the edges that are about one to two inches apart. Take curling ribbon and lace it through the holes and tie extra ribbon at the top making sure to curl it.

A princess hat can be placed on each plate with the name of each guest written on it.

Ribbon can be placed down the table’s length.
For the table’s centerpiece, place your vase and a single rose. You can even place a glass bowl there, fill it with water, and place a few flowers in it to float.

Use a high-heeled shoe and spray paint it golden. Pearlized paint can be used as well. This can be used a centerpiece for where gifts will be placed.

Refreshments and party games can be used as decorations as well. Hang up your piñata and set your princess cake out.

Remember to take plenty photos of this wonderful event and your princess party decorations so you can remember it for years to come.

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    Princess costumes are the girl best costumes forever. And all the princess costumes here in the blogs are really awesome.

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    Princess costumes are one of the best for Halloween. Which girl wouldn’t want to be a princess? Exactly, enough said. So cute!

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    “Every little girl grows up reading stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. When we are little, we all dream of becoming the beautiful princesses we read about when we grow up.” Princess costumes are very nice, little girls will love it.

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    Well my daughter just love princess costumes and she want it every year, but this year i am planning to buy some different costume for her.

  5. Princess Halloween costumes allow every girl, whether she is an infant or in her 90′s, to transform herself into the princess she has always dreamed of being. Totally AGREE!

  6. Sharn @ Cowgirl Halloween Costume says:

    Nice costumes – the warrior Princess costume would probably be my favorite – Im a big fan of Xena so it kind of makes sense that I like that one – not sure I’d be brave enough to wear it though…

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    Princess costumes are great because they are made in sizes for toddlers, girls, teens and adult. This way moms can wear them along with their daughters no matter how old they are. Thanks!

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    The Viking Princess is super cute. This is a very nice website…I believe I will be coming back here when it gets closer to Halloween

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    These costumes are really cool and you have covered so many themes. I will always be a sucker for the Princess Leia outfit. I have been a fan of Star Wars since the 70s and still think all the characters are amazing.

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    This is really an ideal outfits for cutie children for Halloween season. I like your lay out too. Very impressive.

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    Great costumes here – I remember when me and my momma used to watch Disney cartoons (lots of princesses) together way back when I was a kid – thanks for reminding me. A nice memory – and you have a nice site here too!

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    These costumes are nothing short of adorable – I especially love the pink baby princess costume – my sisters daughter would look so beautiful in that.

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    Kids are so cute and dress they are wearing really matching them a lot.They look like a fairy tale characters.I will always wish to make a movie with this kids if i get a chance.

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    Ive got some great party ideas from this. Halloween is going be a scary one! Cheers

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    I find this dresses cool and fashionable,little kids will look good on it.Halloween parties made fun,that sounds good.

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    The ladies are all very gorgeous and pretty on their dress..however the kids are still cute and so girly look.

  17. Costumes bring so much fun. Looking at these costumes here gets me back in my childhood days…

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    Nice costumes! Was looking for one for my little girl, I think I’ve found the right place

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